Android Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Are you using an Android phone? Get through this below tips and tricks to manage your phone better.

Tips for Android Users

Android Tips And Tricks Everyone Must Know

Turn Off adding ICON to Home Screen:

Each time when you install a new app in Google play store, a shortcut of that app will be created on your home screen. With the help of a smartphone, you can do anything. You can do shopping, book tickets, enjoy films and programs on Hulu app and other entertainment apps. All this makes your home screen filled with app icons. To prevent adding a shortcut icon to your home screen go to PlayStore Settings>> Uncheck Add icons to Home screen.


Manage Automatic Updates of Apps:

You can handle automatic updating of apps in Google Play Store. To reduce the data usage, turn it off or turn on when wifi is connected. To manage, go to settings > Auto updates apps > Chose “Do not auto-update apps”.android-auto-update

Increase Phone Interface speed:

If your phone is slow, you can increase the rate by reducing CPU usage. To do that, go to settings > about the device > Build number. Click on build number for 7 times. Once this is done, developer options will be

Go to Developer Options in settings, Reduce the transition animation scale from 1x to 0.5x. Make sure that don’t make many changes in Developer options.

Few More Helpful Points

Reject a call with Customized Message:

When you are busy, dismiss a call by sending customized message to them. To do that, go to settings Android phone/call set up call rejection

Click on the + button to add your customized message to list or else you can edit messages which are already present. This is useful when you’re in a movie theatre or office. If you love going to films, then you can get Crunchyroll to savor pictures anytime.

Find your phone location:

When you left your phone somewhere or when your phone is in silent mode or some one stolen, you can know your phone location by Google Android locator. Go to Google device manager, log in using your Google ID. To ring your phone, click on ring option to know where it is. If you lose your phone, click on lock or erase data. To avail this facility, your phone should have internet service.

Manage Visual/ audible settings:

To manage and improves accessibility to Visually impaired or hearing impaired user go to Accessibility in settings where you can find a lot of options to control user interface.

Those are the simple tips I wanted to let you know. If you feel my post is helpful, then share it with your friends.