Best Educational Apps of 2017 for Students using Android/iOS

Education is the best term that defines the development of the country. Students or parents need an educational guide to make a perfect way for their career. These days everything has become online so everyone is able to get the needed information regarding education easily. Not only websites but also some educational apps have been developed and launched to bring the awareness regarding best educational apps.

Best Educational Apps

Educational apps were introduced into the store in order to deliver the needed information for high school students, college graduates, professors etc. These will direct the students and parents to get the clear information about the career for choosing various fields. In this blog post, I have stated the best educational apps that could serve you the needed information in the below paragraphs.

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Best Educational Apps for Students on Android/iOS

My Study Life:

My Study Life

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My Study Life is one among the best apps that could help you in providing the latest stuff to high school students, teachers, lecturers and who ever needed. It is very easy to use Mys Study Life app on your Android or iOS device so one can download the app easily for free. You can store the classes or homework, exams, model papers etc to access them from anywhere.

A paper planner is used in the earlier days in order to store the information. My Study Life app made it easier by providing the needed content regarding academics, revision tests, calendar wise programs and much more. It automatically syncs your data between the devices even if you have gone offline.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is another e-learning app that has a number of subjects with like Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, economic, History and much more. Learning will be quite easier when you have the best videos that could give the needed information in a required manner. This app allows you to access 10,000 videos that consist of various lessons and courses.

It not only gives the knowledge that is required by you but also provides to an extension for your search. It allows you to choose the subject, topic, and the contents easily in one tap. You can download Khan Academy app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.


The name of the app itself stating that you gonna learn something with this amazing application. Using the Learnist app, you can easily know the latest information regarding the world that could educate you the current affairs from date to date. Not only having the knowledge regarding studies, it also provided the needed information to all the eligible students for free.

All the social information can be easily known with the Learnist app. One who wants to download the Learnist app for their Android or iOS device can check out on their device stores.

Hope you got the top best educational sites that could help you in providing the needed information about the world. Come back to this web page for more educational apps lists.