10 Useful Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Blogging is all about expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge. Here are some important and useful Android apps for Bloggers. Thanks to the smartphones, bloggers can do smartphone-related tasks when they are away from their computers reach. There are some Android tips and tricks one must know, which will be very useful to you for using mobiles.

android apps for bloggers

Useful Android Apps for Bloggers

If you’re a student, then here are the best educational apps you can try on your mobile. Following are the ten free apps for regular bloggers:

1) WordPress

wordpress android appWordPress is the popular and the best blogging platform. This app makes you enable for writing, creating and editing the blog posts. It also checks the analytics, photos and videos.

2) Blogger

If you are a blogger on Blogspot, then give this app a try. But the functionalities are limited as compares to the WordPress which is surprising because Google itself is behind this app for their services.

3) Tumblr

Unlike WordPress and Blogger, Tumblr is preferred because it is a micro-blogging site and includes the essential features for posting content, viewing and replying to messages.

4) Google Analytics

Google Analytics brings site statistics wherever you go.So stop worrying about the traffic performance.

5) Google Drive

Google Drive stores all the documents including excel sheets, documents, Word, audio, videos. Once synced, irrespective of the location bloggers can access the files. Bloggers can also use google docs to create the best blogs; you can find the meaning of the words, synonyms and so on without switching to any other application.

6) Dictinoary.com

If you become, confuse more often and do not know the exact meaning of some words you want to put on the blog? Want to use some alternate words? Eager to know the meanings of phrases. If English is not a native language of yours, this is the best app for you.

Also Check out: In Entertainment category, here are the apps: Apps like the Hulu app, Crunchyroll application and the Acorn TV. You can use these if you want.

7) SwiftKey Keyboard

It auto corrects you and shows the word prediction as per past activities. If you are tired of typos and small buttons on your smartphone this app is a boon for you.

8) Photo Editor

With smartphones, take snaps, edit them and upload at the same time with this you can crop your images, resize them and add effects, drawings and texts onto them.

9) Disqus

Disqus is a commenting system with which you can change the comments; you can also keep the engagement level high and keep the bloggers engaged.

10) Flipboard

If you are too busy and want to be updated, Flipboard is for you. It consolidates relevant stories for you. As bloggers going through this news, content gives you fresh ideas.